Why You Need This Course


The Following Film on YouTube. Then you will understand why I wrote A Farewell to Welfare and created this course just for you!

Welcome To Module I

Why You Need This Course?

Look at the current state of our country: Police are killing African Americans like its hunting season; Politics are an embarrassing spectacle; and the economy favors the ultra-wealthy. If you are young, ambitious with a dream yet you do not have the adequate resources to support this dream, you might feel this country is not designed for you to prosper. Sadly, we live in a society where those living in the lower class are systemically punished and degraded for receiving government assistance. While, the same government passes out multi-millions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans and corporations. Some may not like him but there is a lot to be learned from Mr. Donald Trump. There were a lot of people upset when he said he doesn't pay taxes but technically he didn't do anything wrong. You see, the tax laws were created in favor of the wealthy, could this be considered "Corporate Welfare"? If you have a job and live according to society's standards of having taxes automatically deducted from your paycheck, unfortunately those tax laws do not apply to you. In addition to tax breaks, there are also those who are benefit from those living in poverty. This is the reason I wrote A Farewell To Welfare. Not just to share my story or inspire you, but to WAKE YOU UP! Before you do anything else, I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO WATCH THE ENTIRE DOCUMENTARY FROM THE TRAILER ABOVE UNITL THE END. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND SOMETHING, PAUSE THE FILM AND GOOGLE IT TRAILER VIDEO BELOW. Then, I will need you to watch it for free online. Once you have watched this film, you will then understand why I am so passionate about my work.