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LEAD University: Change University (ChangeU) Course

Do you have tons of ideas that seem to be scattered and have not implemented any? Do you desire a nurturing support system? Having trouble creating a personalized plan of action? Do you need healthy coping skills? Are you having difficulty determining what changes need to be made to assist you in accomplishing your goals?

If so, ChangeU (Change University) was designed with you in mind. In this self-paced course, you will learn practical and proven psychological principles as well as behavior modification techniques that helped me overcome anxiety, low self-esteem, and poverty. When you enroll in ChangeU, you will receive an email with a lecture, video and an action step to create the changes necessary to achieve your goals over 14 days. The first 3 lessons focuses on planning and preparation. For the fourth lesson, you will receive an email instructing you to participate in a live group accountability call with Me. The last three lessons are action-oriented.It is highly suggested you journal your experiences during your participation in ChangeU to document your journey and track your progress. The changes you implement as a result of taking this course will help you commit to your goals when you experience fear, doubt, anxiety, criticism, adversity and when you just feel like giving up. ChangeU is designed for Parents, Adult Students, and Budding Entrepreneurs.

*Before enrolling in this course, it is strongly encouraged that you read and agree to the disclaimer.*

Brooklyn native Elease A. Wiggins is the founder and CEO of EAW Enterprises

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Create A Personalized Plan, Nurture A Support System, Develop Healthy Coping Mechanisms & Increase Self-Confidence in 7 Modules