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Brooklyn native Elease A. Wiggins is the founder and CEO of EAW Enterprises, a trainer, speaker, consultant, self-published author, philanthropist and Professor. Wiggins is a graduate of the Brooklyn Job Corps Academy, has an associate’s degree in public administration, a bachelor’s degree in applied business management from Medgar Evers College, and a master’s degree in urban studies from Queens College.

EAW Enterprises is a Minority Women Business Enterprises certified social enterprise that seeks to sustain the economic development of communities through advocacy, consulting, educational materials and training, in-person and online leadership seminars, mentoring, motivational speaking, staffing and research.

Wiggins was a finalist in the Queens Business Plan Competition, aptly named Black New Yorker of the Week by The New York Amsterdam News in August, and New Jersey’s Leading Women Entrepreneur & Intrapreneur finalist in September all in 2015. Also in 2015, Wiggins released her first self-published book titled, A Farewell to Welfare: 25 Strategies to Freedom, Independence and Prosperity, which focuses on helping mothers overcome mental and emotional trauma through sharing stories, statistics, strategies and solutions. A Farewell to Welfare has a five-star rating, retails for $26.28 and can be purchased at

Wiggins created a curriculum from the book for GED/HSE programs to teach self-improvement strategies while promoting literacy. In addition, she conducts seminars at shelters, libraries, High Schools and Job Corps centers throughout the country. Wiggins also host, Encouraging Conversations with Elease, a weekly radio program on Blog Talk Radio. Encouraging Conversations with Elease relates everyday situations to biblical stories and social-psychological theories to help listeners heal themselves, help others and honor the Creator.

In 2017 Wiggins conducted a Ted Talks which details how she used, Pain, Personal Responsibility and The Power of Forgiveness to CHANGE.

In 2018 Wiggins also founded Communities Promoting Reading (CPR), a nonprofit organization which supports low-income adult students enrolled in GED/Adult Continuing Education courses who file as head of household.


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